Oberon’s Grove March 3, 2012

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  Idanz February 8, 2010

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  Oberon’s Grove December 24, 2009

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  Prodiligo December 21, 2009

“…each dance was a magnificent bird, each leap seemed to hang in the air as though time had stopped.”

“Nicholas Andre Dance reminded me of something I’d see played out on National Geographic”

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  Oberon’s Grove December 18, 2009

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  Ballet-Dance Magazine July 18, 2008 and July 11, 2009

“If one of Monet’s giant Water Lily paintings could come to life, it would move in the form of Nick Ross’ choreography…”

“Seeing an evening of Nick Ross’ work feels like floating on a wave, being carried naturally along by the rise and fall of the current of his choreography.” Read more

  Dance Month

“Nicholas’s work is fresh and physical…dancing in his company is not for the faint of heart…”

  KUHF (NPR) Houston 88.7 FM January 25, 2008

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  Houston Chronicle: January 25, 2008

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Houston Chronicle, Arts Houston January, 2008

“Seligson-Ross’ affinity for sports plays out in the sheer athleticism of his work, where strenuous movement and pulsing momentum drive his choreography. He creates risk-taking dances for a troupe of nine fearless movers. No cardio-wimps need apply. Space-gobbling movement performed at breakneck speeds is the norm for this choreographer. It’s not just the difficulty that makes his dances distinct. When it comes to moving his ensemble around in complicated patterns, one gets the idea that he knows a thing or two about football plays in the way his dancers weave in and through each other.” Read more

—Nancy Wozny

Dance Month features the Nicholas Andre Dance Theater (NADT),”a hot New York City-based company directed by Nicholas Seligson-Ross. Nicholas’s work is fresh and physical…dancing in his company is not for the faint of heart, quite literally, because the rigorous pace of his choreography challenges even the fittest dancer. He is enthusiastic about sharing his work with a broader audience.”
The New York Times August 21, 2006

“Nick Seligson-Ross is one of those choreographers who are fully immersed in dance… a creator who is happiest when swimming pleasurably through the waters of dance, cuffing ideas and styles as he goes, rather than rushing into a studio with a burning theme for a new work.”

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—Jennifer Dunning

The New York Times

“Mr. Seligson-Ross offered a traditionally pretty dance with swaying bodies, baseball slides and a fleeting adagio romance”…”his attraction to athletic prowess was on vigorous display”…”seamlessly performed.”

—Gia Kourlas

The New York Times

“The Nicholas Andre Dance Theater performed a nicely made, vigorous work with a slightly ritualistic air.”

—Roslyn Sulcas

  Ballet-Dance Magazine April 27, 2007

“True ‘dancers dances’, each piece was full of pleasing contrasts and sophisticated phrasing. Seligson-Ross provides a softness punctuated by angles, sweeping breathy moments cut with jagged edges.” Read more

—Cecily Placenti

  Eugene Weekly

” The pulse of one of New York City’s newest and most celebrated dance companies was felt in Eugene as the Nicholas Andre Dance Theater (NADT) performed vibrant, original works.”

—Ariel Olson

  The Vail Daily February 21, 2006

“Seligson-Ross’ interest in fusing American athleticism with a more classical conception of dance has carried over into his career on stage. This is an athletic program of movement and music, a unique blend, like its director.”Read more

—Margot Kaminski




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