Most parents nowadays want their children to have more than they did and this includes extra activities outside of school. As a parent, you may have thought of getting your child into the arts. What does that include? What would like your son or daughter to do? Do you see they have a natural inclination for Art? Are they bouncing along with the radio and love to sing? If your child is between the ages of two and three, you may want to put them in a program that explores not only dancing but singing as well. This is great way to get your child used to classes and being with other kids. Look for places that have Mommy and Me music classes, Kinder music, Preschool Dance classes or Dance Plus class. These classes will focus on the music and movement not particular steps.

How do you know where to start? Your first inclination will be to Google “performing arts in such and such town.” You get will a long list of Dance studios, Ballet Companies, Theater companies, Martial Arts studios and much more. Picking one from this list will give you headache right from the beginning. In the Google search results, look to see if any of the studios have reviews and select the studios with the highest star rating. If the locations is close enough to home, call the first three and make an appointment to view the studio.

You may meet with office staff that is very knowledgeable about the studio’s policies and procedures. They should give you a tour of the facilities. Make note of the general cleanliness of the studio. Are the art supplies put away or they soaking in the sink or scattered haphazardly? You want have your child learn the proper care of their supplies and not have expensive art supplies ruined. Remember your child maybe rolling around or sitting on the floors during classes so they must be clean!

If possible, try to visit during when classes are in session and getting ready to end. This way you can see how the Instructor interacts with “tired” children. Pay particular attention how the children treat the instructor when they leave. They should be excited and want to see him or her again and show them respect. See if the instructor has a decent repertoire with the other parents. A good instructor will have some eye contact with the parents and maybe a little wave. She should be open to discussing any problems or concerns with the students.

Next, evaluate the pricing including any extraneous fees. Tuition for dance classes are usually monthly, art classes are pay per session, while theater classes maybe paid for per production. Ask about costuming, will you have to purchase or is it part of tuition. Inquire about material fees and what are included and if you can buy your own materials. Keep in mind many Arts centers get a hefty discount so it maybe to your fiscal advantage to go with the Center’s materials.

Kindly thank the staff, take the information and look at the other places. Registration for Arts Centers usually coincides with school schedules with a Fall and Summer registration. Find out when the cut off for registration is so if this is the place for you can get a spot in your preferred classes.

Finding a good Arts Center can be daunting if you have not been part of the performing arts community. A parent wants to find a studio that is close enough to home, priced competitively, values children and wants to see them successful. Good Arts Center classes fill up quickly! Selecting the right Arts Center will be the bring joy and unforgettable memories to you and your children for many years.

How to Get Your Child into the Arts

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