Here are an abundance of great dance songs that never quite made it big in America, but that deserve to be loved as much as any dance hit on the radio. Give them a shot!

Feel It – DJ Tiesto ft. Three 6 Mafia

This song is very much a great dance song, but somehow I haven't heard it on the radio or in clubs before. And in my opinion, it's definitely one of the best out there, with some great names attached to it.

Disco Heat – Calvin Harris

This song is definitely a bit more traditional techno, but has an awesome beat that I simply must be dancing to. Check it out!

Call on Me – Eric Prydz

This is usually one of those songs that people have heard before but never actually remember the name of. But whenever I hear it at a party, it certainly lights up the room. Great song.

No Stress – Laurent Wolf

I'm pretty sure this song has made it big in Europe, but only hit a small crowd in America despite how completely full of awesome it is. Very good beat and catchy tune.

Feel It in My Bones – DJ Tiesto ft. Tegan and Sara

Yeah, I put another Tiesto song on here, but he can be really awesome and this is certainly a good example of that. The first time I listened to it I didn't love it, but now I think it's fantastic. Very catchy.

Run the Show – Kat De Luna

I hear Kat De Luna's other song, Whine Up, all the time, but this one definitely does not get as much attention, though it's equally great. Check it out especially if you like the other song.

Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings

Some may not consider this a dance song, but I would say it's immensely easy to dance to and has a great beat. Also a song that gets stuck in your head.

Check these songs out if you're a fan of dance music and want to hear some stuff that isn't featured on the radio very much. Happy listening!

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