With prom season approaching I am sure all the kids are having a very hard time choosing the right slow dance song for the first dance. Trying to decide what song to choose can be very difficult, especially with all the wonderful songs out today. So what song do you really pick? You need to find that one perfect song that has true meaning, which will hold a lasting impression in your heart. I sat here and thought about all the slow songs I feel would be a great choice for a prom so here are my top twenty choices hope you like them:

  1. Chris Brown- The song is called with you
  2. Jonas Brothers- When you look me in the eyes
  3. Aerosmith- I don't want to miss a thing
  4. Elliott Yamin- Wait for you
  5. Taylor Swift- Our song
  6. Pretenders- I'll stand by you
  7. Bob Seger- We've got tonite
  8. Lifehouse- You and me
  9. Aerosmith- Angel
  10. Rod Stewart- Forever young
  11. 3Doors Down- Here without you
  12. Eve 6- Heres to the night
  13. Pearl Jam- Last kiss
  14. Kelly Clarkson- Moment like this
  15. Jordan Hill- Remember me the way
  16. Savage Garden- Truly Madly Deeply
  17. Justin Timberlake- Until the end of time
  18. Edwin McCain- These are the moments
  19. Bryan Adams with Sara Mclaughin- Don't let go
  20. Carrie Underwood- Don't forget to remember me
My Top 20 Prom Slow Dance Songs

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