It doesn't take much for Miley Cyrus to strike a provocative pose: A little tilt of the head; a sly, furtive glance with those big brown eyes and her flowing hair cascading over a bare shoulder are all it takes to set Internet tongues wagging.

Director Adam Shankman, who is helming Miley's latest film, 'The Last Song," thought he was having a little innocent fun – or so he claims — when he posted photos today (June 23) just like that of the 16-year-old on his Twitter page.

Apparently he was unaware that a half dozen photos of the church-going, self-professed virgin, had already leaked on the Internet in various provocative poses, causing a major scandal. Then, there were those semi-nude poses for Vanity Fair magazine.

Now countless blogs are wagging their collective finger at Shakman and asking whether the photos are age appropriate for the teen sensation. In one shot, she is wearing a tank top and pressing her back against his chest. Her look is smokingly seductive. He has a knowing look on his face.

In the other photo, she is squatting in a chair, her legs wide apart, although concealed by the chair back. Her hair rolls down her back and across her face. She has a hand on her head, and her back is arched. Her eyes are heavy lidded and loaded with mascara. Read more, see the photos here and vote.

Miley Cyrus Movie Set Photos; Are Photos Too Hot for Her Age?

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