I love a good action packed movie! The movie “Taken” has such a good storyline and is filled with action, stunts, and a car chase or two. It opened January 30, 2009 and presented by 20th Century Fox, this movie keeps you interested from beginning to end.

The film by Pierre Morel is cast perfectly. The cast of “Taken” are Liam Neeson who plays the character Bryan. Neeson plays the role of a former spy who has retired to be closer to his daughter. Neeson is a perfect choice for this part. He plays this role with seriousness and keeps you watching the film all the way through. You may remember him from the movie “Batman Begins.” He has been in many other movies as well.

Also starring in this film is the actress Famke Jansen. You may remember her from the movie X Men. She played the role of Jean Grey. Famke doesn’t have much of a role in “Taken” but plays the part of Lenore. Lenore is the mother of her daughter Kim. The part of Kim is played by Maggie Grace. You may remember Maggie from the first two seasons of the television series ” Lost.” She played the role of Shannon Rutherford.

In the movie “Taken” Kim, a sixteen year old, lives with her mother and stepfather. They both agree to let her take a trip over to Paris with her friend. Yet, her biological father Bryan does not think this is a good idea, but decides to let her go anyway. After she arrives at her destination, she and her friend are taken by two men. While the abduction is taking place, her father Bryan, hears all of this on the phone. Bryan flies out immediately to find her, after promising her that he will get her back. He uses his special skills to track her down and get revenge on the abductors.

I don’t want to give too much away in this movie. There are a lot of exciting twists and turns. This movie was so good! I haven’t seen a good action/drama in a long time. Other crew members include Luc Besson who is the producer/co-writer. Robert Mark Kamen is also a co-writer. Michel Abramowicz who is the director of photography. Hughes Tissandien who is the production designer and Nathaniel Mechaly who is in charge of music. If you are interested in seeing a clip of this movie you can go to www.takenmovie.com.



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